Every password everywhere

At long last, a comprehensive solution to your device and privacy is here. Now you have a safe place to keep all your passwords; you only need to remember your Centauri Master Password. 

Generating a Strong Password

Generate a super strong password for all your social media accounts while Centauri  app remembers them for you. One way to avoid your security being compromised is  choosing a strong password, but it’s mostly difficult to remember very strong passwords. Imagine you had a password like this:


It is almost impossible to crack such a password, even for supper computers. But how many of us can remember such a password? That is exactly what Centauri does for you. You generate strong passwords containing alpha-numeric with special characters, lower and upper case. Use them to change all your social media passwords. You don’t have to remember any of them. All you need to remember is your Centauri password. Anytime you want to log in to any site, you open the Centauri app and log in from there. 

What if you forget your Centauri password?

In case you forget your Centauri password, there are series of steps you can take to recover. The easiest way is by biometric means. You will be asked to scan your fingerprint or face ID. If it matches our records, we will send a code to your email for you to confirm. After confirmation, you can change your password. If your device does not support Touch ID or Face ID, you will be asked to confirm your email from a device you have already verified on Centauri. In case you don’t have access to a verified device, you may have to contact Centauri for assistance on how to get back on your account. 

What if I loose my phone?

In case your phone gets stolen, you can track it if you enable the “Anti-theft” feature in Centauri app. Also, you can remotely wipe your privacy. No data will be compromised. Watch a video on how to activate anti-theft feature https://youtu.be/wIm9BhGyB2c

What if I have more than one device?

If you have more than one mobile device, you can synchronise your information across all devices. The first time you log in with any of those devices, you will be required to verify it, after verification, you can access your information on those devices. 

How can I download Centauri?

You can download the Centauri app for free by following any of these links. Apple iOS apple.co Android bit.ly